Cassidy and the stone dragon

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Une production écrite par Juliette qui a imaginé et illustré une légende dans un site connu d'Irlande. "Irish Legends"

A long time ago, there was a cliff, now called the Cliffs of Moher, where people go to see the sky and the different colors that he it turned at night. It was a mix of purple and black with bright stars shining through. Each year a festival took place on the cliff and people used to go there to watch the shooting stars.

During this festival a rare species of dragon, called the Lindsworms or dragons of the stars, come down for their courtship ritual and dance in the night leaving a trace of dust behind them, they are also known for their really soft and shiny feathers that they lose and for the crystals that fall from them when they get hurt. The villagers that live near respect those creatures and nobody is allowed to hunt them. Some people break that prohibition and try to kill or to catch them but they rarely succeed.

One day, three persons shot one of the dragons with arrows full of poison and the creature, severly injured, fell on the ground whining in pain. The people at the festival saw what happened, some ran to the place where the creature was and the others chased the ones which did it. When they arrived it was too late. Afraid, the other dragon flew away taking the stars with them and the sky slowly became blank. Since that day the villagers have never seen the stars or the Lindsworms again ; The other villages called this place « the cliff where the stars died » because it was near the cliff that the stars disappeared.

Four years passed, most of the people just decided to accept their fate but the others, like Cassidy, thought that there was still hope.

Cassidy is a little girl,she prefers to be called Cassy and was seven when it happened. She has green eyes, brown hair and usually wears a black coat. Cassy always says that everything will turn back to normal if they believe enough. The others know that it will not work but they do anyway, mostly because they don’t want to make her sad.

Each night Cassy goes to the cliff, a lantern in her hand, and searches in the infinite sky for the trace of the stars she used to love. She is walking to the place where, years ago, the dragon fell, this place where , now, a huge statue rests on the grass. Nobody knows who made it or when, there is just a rumor, which said that it’s the dragon that turned into stone before its last breath. The little girl sits near the statue, she prays for forgiveness and even asks a question, that will stay unanswered, if the stars will shine again above her head. However, a few days later, while she was about to go home she heard a sound was coming from the statue, she came closer and touched the stone, which was strangely warm, like if there was something alive inside of it. Then, suddenly, the stone cracked, started to fall apart and the statue turned into a dragon,

expanded its numb wings, walked toward the edge of the cliff and threw itself into the void while Cassidy, surprised, stepped back and decided to ask it if it could bring the stars back. It answered by giving her a little blow then turned back. As the dragon flew away its feathers spread shiny particules through the sky, the stars were shining again and the night found back its colors. The villagers came out of their houses, they thought that they were in a dream and were thanking the dragon that was crossing the sky, Cassy discretely joined them and never mentioned that she had something to do with the come back of the stars or the one of the Lindsworms. Before everybody came back home, she said that if you believe enough and never give up anything can happen and the others, this time, giggled and approved it.